4 Marketing Strategies for Children’s Products


4 Marketing Strategies for Children’s Products

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Targeting children’s consumers requires an appropriate marketing strategy, given the involvement of parents in it. Parents have a big part in meeting the needs and decision making of children. Due to the limited market segmentation for children’s products, paying attention to all important criteria needed for children’s needs is very important. Below we will review, some surefire tips for making a product that will be popular and included in the assessment for both parents and children.

Has an Attractive & Safe Display

The first point is indeed more referring to the prospective consumer’s side, namely the children themselves. Display through color, shape, packaging, and even accessories trinkets become very important to attract children’s interests. Therefore, the preparation of concepts related to some of these things you really need to think about from the beginning of building a business. For example, when making a toy, you have to think of attractive and harmless shape, no sharp edges, not easily swallowed, not flammable especially for toys 3 years and under. It has bright colors, and characters that are very familiar to children, for example, their favorite cartoon characters.

Having Educational Values

Providing products with a touch of educational elements is still rarely found. You can do it in a simple way, for example, you make food in the form of alphabet or letters, then you can put a little info on the packaging, such as A = Apple. This simple information will make children interested, not only consume it, but there are other things they can know, and parents will be happy if their children get additional knowledge.

Using Safe Materials

If it is related to the quality of the ingredients used for the product, children certainly don’t pay attention at all. However, for parents, this is precisely the main thing. Marketing strategies that target the children’s market, must be very concerned with the use of materials or materials used both in food products and toys. For example for this type of food may not use sweeteners, colorings, or artificial preservatives, because it is very dangerous for children. As for toys, usually, the use of paint containing mercury and lead has also been banned. If you use 2 quality ingredients or even improper materials, it will certainly bring multiplied benefits. However, it would be better if we did not do that. There will be more benefits if we ensure that our products are quality and safe for children. By using good quality and safe ingredients, in addition to gaining the trust of consumers in the future, it also removes the moral burden of guilt for the use of hazardous substances that are not appropriate

Have a Safety & Quality Standards Permit

In Indonesia, there is an SNI (Indonesian national standard) whose duty is to check and certify every product produced by a company. If you want to obtain a large children’s target market, then taking care of this SNI is a must. Many parents are now increasingly smart and aware of important information related to the circulation of dangerous toys that do not have SNI. If the company wants to eliminate the doubts of parents in buying products for their children, then it’s good to register your product to get certified.

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