4 Things You Must Prepare Before Starting A Goods Business Services


4 Things You Must Prepare Before Starting A Goods Business Services

The business of entrusted services starts with the habit of some people to entrust goods when there are friends who want to travel abroad. The reason, because the price is much cheaper compared to buying in Indonesia. Because of the increasing demand, this habit then developed into the business field. Not only goods produced abroad, but also domestically. Not only famous brands are expensive, but also local products or large discounted goods.

Although impressed, as usual, the business of entrusted service was quite tempting. The profit gained does seem small, only around Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 25,000 per item. But, if the number of deposits received in a month reaches hundreds of pieces, you can calculate yourself how much profit is obtained. So that you can achieve a large turnover, make preparations in advance when going to open this business services. Below are some preparations that you must do before opening the services of this item.

Determine the Type of Goods

Because this courier service business makes you have to shop around to get the item, then make a catalog of the types of goods that are specific or focused. Do not sell all types of goods at once because it will make you tired of visiting several places selling goods to meet all consumer demand. You can choose to focus on items that you can get in one place, for example, the kitchen and glassware products, or fashion products and accessories. By having a focus on certain items, besides saving energy, of course, it also saves expenses for transportation costs so that more profits can be set aside from the business of the safekeeping services.

Do Research Before Starting to Offer

The research will be needed to determine the appropriate target market. Try visiting several malls or shopping centers. Observe what types of goods are approximately interesting to offer and are easy to obtain. Also, note which malls often hold event sales or what brands often offer large discounts. Through the existence of research, you will know what types of goods are best to offer and where to shop at competitive prices for these goods.

In addition to researching goods and places of purchase, you also need to know the working system of the mall, shop, or outlet that is being targeted. For example, the entry schedule for new products, how many and what are the categories, sale schedules, and others. Also understand the rules they set, such as whether you are allowed to take pictures of items that are displayed or not. It is important to know so that problems do not arise in the future, considering that some shops or stores apply a prohibition to take pictures.

Diligently Hunting for Potential Events

Even though it’s called a surrogate service, it doesn’t mean you just sit around waiting for the consumer. You must actively seek information and attend interesting events that are in accordance with the selected target market. For example, diligently going to malls that are holding large-scale sales, exhibits rare and unique items that are rarely held, and so forth.

Use the Advance Pay System

At first, many prospective buyers feel the need to order goods so see the many types of attractive goods catalog that you offer. But upon receiving a large nominal bill, they were shocked and suddenly canceled the order. To see the sincerity of consumers, and avoid canceling orders unilaterally, you can ask consumers to make payments in advance before you make an item purchase. With the payment in advance, besides you will be free from the problem of cancellation, on the other hand, you will be helped from the problem of capital limitations that you have.

If it is run well and full of perseverance, then the business of entrusted services is not impossible that will be able to provide a very large income for family finances. But keep in mind, if your income starts regularly and many of these business services entrusted, do not forget to manage and record finances properly and correctly.

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