7 Telemarketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


7 Telemarketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Many business people still choose to use telemarketing strategies as a medium to introduce or promote their products or services. With this telemarketing strategy, entrepreneurs can reach prospects or prospective consumers more broadly. Broader range certainly provides greater opportunities for sales transactions.

This marketing strategy if implemented effectively will be enough to help entrepreneurs in introducing products or services to targeted consumers. However, if the implementation is not done with careful planning, it will reduce the credibility and the company’s image in the eyes of consumers. To anticipate these failures, below we will discuss 7 telemarketing mistakes that must be avoided.

Call at the Wrong Time

The telemarketing mistake often done by telemarketers is to contact prospects at the wrong time. Consumers have different activities and activities, understanding the background of prospects needs to be done in order to contact them at the right time. Contacting them during rush hour makes them unwilling and lazy to take calls because they feel disturbed.

Database that is not Up-to-Date

Each company usually has a prospect database that they aim at as a potential buyer. However, often the database is not updated periodically. As a result, when telemarketers carry out their duties, they are misdirected and only cause a waste of telephone costs without optimal results. So that this does not happen, then try to periodically update the database so that its validity is maintained.

One-way Communication

It’s no secret if most consumers avoid offers via telephone or telemarketing. This is because the telemarketer is a person who masters the conversation in conveying product information and does not provide an opportunity to ask consumers. To make consumers feel valued, create two-way communication that gives prospects the opportunity to respond to your explanation. This two-way communication is useful to build the closeness of consumers with producers.

Giving Prices Too Fast

The habit that is often done by potential customers is to ask the price before they get clarity of the advantages of the products you offer. If you immediately give a price too fast, you will lose sales immediately (unless your price is much cheaper than the price they had gotten from the previous company). If your potential customers ask for prices, don’t tell them what price you must pay before you get what they need and how your product or service can help them. You should only tell you what price to pay when you know exactly what the prospective customer needs your product or service, and will buy from you.

Ignoring Prospective Consumer Privacy

Because a telemarketing strategy is very individual, it is better for a telemarketer not to go too far and disturb the privacy of potential customers. You can leave a message if the potential customer is not in place when you contact him. Avoid asking for a personal telephone number, if you have never had a direct dialogue with potential customers.

Incorrect Target Market

Inappropriate target market, it is certainly a waste of money in telemarketing strategies. Mistakes that often occur this should be avoided if you already have data about who is your target market before contacting prospects or potential customers. Having complete and valid consumer data will be very helpful to not get the wrong target.

Do Not Follow Up

When you offer or present your product or service through a telemarketing system, that is not the end of the sales process, even if your potential customer says he will contact you. You must be proactive in following up on what you have to offer them. Try to follow up by telephone, find out how your product or service can be useful and find the needs that you can meet from your potential customers. Keep in mind, the presentation is just a quarter of the way in a sales process, before it gets to the sale closing.

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