Tips for Opening a Profitable Day Care Business


Tips for Opening a Profitable Day Care Business

Many parents are busy working and decide to leave their children in daycare, or what is often called daycare. Daycare was chosen because not only as a daycare center but also as a place of learning for children. This has become one of the promising and profitable business opportunities. Are you interested in opening daycare? If so, follow these tips before opening a daycare business.

Market Research

In this initial stage, you must start by doing market research. Learn who your target really is and where you will open a daycare. For example, how many children do you receive, what age can a child be left in daycare, how much is the salary of a parent each month, and so on. By doing market research, you can better determine the number of things, such as knowing the salary of parents for ease in determining prices.

Determine Location

Location is one of the determining factors whether your business can run well or vice versa. So, make sure to choose a location that is not too far from the road and has easy access. In choosing a location, you must also ensure that the location or place of the daycare activities is in good condition, clean, comfortable, and suitable for children. Also, pay attention to the safety of children in determining the location. Make sure the location is far from the crowds of vehicles, swimming pools that are too deep, or anything else that can harm children.

Provide Playground Equipment

Daycare is not only a daycare center but also a place or media for education or learning for children. By opening daycare, you must pay attention to children’s facilities and activities, one of which is playing. There are many games that children can do. So, make sure their play equipment is complete and safe to use. You can also choose educational play equipment such as puzzles, wooden blocks, matching shapes and colors, and so on.

Choose Competent Caregiver

In running this business, you must also be smart in choosing competent and competent caregivers. Because, as the owner of the daycare, you have to be responsible for the child your parents have entrusted. Choose caregivers or employees who love children and can educate them properly, safely and professionally. Do not let parents be disappointed and leave your daycare just because of wrong and bad care.

Determine the Right Price

To determine the price of childcare, you have to look back at the target market you set earlier. Are they from the lower middle class or upper-middle-class? If your target is the lower middle, you must provide an affordable price. However, if your target is the upper-middle class, you can raise prices a little higher by providing additional facilities that could be the selling point of your daycare, such as providing child development reports, doing regular health, and so on.

Create a business license

There are no entrepreneurs who want to experience business problems in the future, especially licensing issues. So, before your business runs, make sure you have a business license. So that your business becomes legal before the law, and reduces the risk of a future lawsuit. For licensing issues, you can take care of it directly to the relevant agencies, such as the early childhood education office, the small and medium business department, and so forth.

Do Business Promotion

After all, you have prepared carefully, you can start to promote your business. For initial promotions, you can start introducing your daycare through banners, brochures, pamphlets, and so on. You can also promote daycare in kindergarten schools or promote it through online media. In conducting business promotion, try to attract your target with the services and facilities that your daycare has.

Those are some tips that you should do when you want to open a daycare business. After all the tips above you do and the business is running stably. You also have to stabilize your business finances. Do not let all your income and expenses not recorded properly. Because this is the same as letting your business lose money and can result in business failure.

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