Tips on Starting a Makeup Artist (MUA) Business that Promises Big Profits


Tips on Starting a Makeup Artist (MUA) Business that Promises Big Profits

The profession as MUA (makeup artist) is very promising, both as a main and side job. Because not only at the time of the wedding this service is needed, other events such as graduations, photoshoots, prewedding, cultural carnivals, formal events, and other informal also require MUA services.

This profession is somewhat promising because the income earned by an MUA is not kidding. For example, a well-known MUA class, fix wedding makeup rates without a rental service can reach 9 million rupiahs. The price does not include accommodation, transportation, and consumption when dressing outside the city. For those of you who want to or are starting an MUA service business, follow a few tips below to achieve success and profit.

Hone Ability

Being an MUA means you must have the ability to do makeup. Whether you get that ability from formal education such as courses or self-taught. This profession requires skills, so you have to practice a lot to hone your skills. Have your friend or relative be a model for your makeup. The more often you try, your abilities will automatically develop.

Prepare the equipment

Makeup equipment is MUA’s weapon in preparing equipment properly and must be done. You have to prepare several cosmetics choices because your client must have different skin types. Make sure you have a variety of equipment to be able to make up various events according to client requests.

Create a Portfolio on Social Media

Creating a portfolio for MUA is an important thing to do. Each before and after makeup you can ask the client permission to document it, then upload it to a separate social media with a personal account. Ask your finished clients to do the promotion by mentioning the posting of makeup results to your business account. With a portfolio, potential customers can be more trusted and interested in using your services.

Collaboration with Wedding Organizer

Relying on a portfolio on a social media account is not enough, try to offer makeup services to a wedding organizer. In addition to increasing flight hours, it can also expand relations. That way, you don’t need to be complicated anymore to find clients. You just have to wait for news from the wedding organizer.

It is not easy to become a famous MUA that has more advantages, all have to go through a long process. However, the results of your hard work will pay off if you hold a commitment and love your work. Financial management in this profession is no less important. Because you don’t need to buy the equipment just once. Every time you run out you have to buy a new one by turning income from MUA services. If you do not have a clear financial statement, you will be confused by calculating how much profit you actually get and how much should be used to buy tools.

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