Written Business Communication Strategies for Promoting

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Written Business Communication Strategies for Promoting

Business communication is very important to do related to business continuity that you must live. Despite the fact that not all people are skilled in communication, but as social beings, communication is important to be built to interact and equalize perception. Based on the delivery, business communication can be divided into 2 namely oral communication and written communication.

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Oral communication is a method of communication that is done directly without any boundaries and distances or is done face to face. Meanwhile, written communication is carried out by writing methods such as letters, texts, blanks, and advertisements whose purpose is to convey messages or information. In business communication, written communication is often used when they make agreements, send letters of requests for goods, and promote. In conducting business promotion, there are several communication strategies that you should know about. Below are some written business communication strategies that you can take to introduce your business to the intended target.

Create Branding that Speaks

Branding is a business communication activity and the identity of the business that you run. It includes choosing taglines, logos, business names, and identities that show the uniqueness of the business. Create branding that is easy to remember, provides a positive business image, and is unique.

Include Contactable Contacts

Providing contact lines either by telephone, email, full address, cell phone number or direct contact number to customer service that is easily contacted or accessed by consumers is a form of business communication to promote that aims to make it easier for consumers to find and place product orders.

Do Promotion Through Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used for marketing or promotional activities that support the business to stay close to clients, consumers, or other parties personally. You can send information about new products, exhibitions, or when holding a discount program through this email marketing. What must be remembered in the use of email marketing is that it should not be used to send spammy information so as not to disturb your clients.

Create a Website

Creating a website is also one of the written business communication strategies that can be used to promote. Through the website, consumers can get the manufacturer’s address, product review information, and education before deciding to buy a product. In a website, written forms of business communication can be done by including business history, types and specifications of products, vision, and mission of the organization, including complete contacts that will help consumers to get to know and easily contact your business.

Take advantage of Social Media

The existence of social media is currently widely used to communicate and establish closeness with consumers. Social media has become one of the effective media to introduce your business widely. You can use Instagram to post photos of your products or Facebook by creating a Fan Page that is integrated with a blog or website.

When using social media to promote, use captions or clear writing to support the product images or photos that you have posted. Due to the limited space of writing that can be used in certain social media, try to use written language that is effective but sufficient to represent the product while attracting the audience’s interest to use your product.

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